Life's a Journey Not a Destination

Current Event: Summary , Human Rights Broken

Three Ohio Women Found Alive After a Decade, 3 Men Arrested:

Three girls were abducted and taken against their will. The three men who took them, held them captive and they were not allowed to leave the premises. One of the girls had a child during captivity, and the others were forced to have two abortions. They were restrained with chains and were physically and sexually abused repeatedly. Investigators said that the women were also deprived of food and the use of bathrooms. The following basic civil liberties and human rights were violated:

-Everyone is equal, and act towards one another, as they would like to be acted upon. The girls were definitely not treated equal and they weren’t respected. This right was broken because the girls weren’t treated like women. They were definitely treated like a prisoner or a slave.

-Everyone has the right to live and be secure. The girls were absolutely not secure; they got taken away and were unsafe with the 3 men. Also they had 2 abortions, those babies didn’t have a right to live.

-No one shall be held in slavery. The girls every move was monitored and they were not allowed to leave the house, even at times being chained.

-No one should be intentionally hurt or have cruel punishment. These women were beaten, taken out of their comfort zone, sexually abused, and locked up. This was intentional. There is no way the guys did that all by accident and they didn’t know what they were doing, they obviously did.

-No one’s privacy should be invaded. These girls had their privacy invaded by not having the use of washroom and freedom to come and go as they please.


Right to freedom of movement and residence of anywhere. This right was broken because if someone is abducted the abductor wouldn’t let them in the public. That just defeats the purpose of abduction. They weren’t even allowed to use the bathroom.

-Everyone has the right to work. The only place they worked was in the home, as they could not leave.

-Everyone has the right to care. Such as health care, clothes, shelter, food and special care for motherhood. One of the women had a child and had no prenatal care. None of the girls saw a doctor because the captures could not take a chance they would be found out.

-Everyone has the right for education and parents have the right to choose their child’s education. The three girls never went to school after they were abducted, therefore they had no education.

This situation is completely unimaginable and many basic human rights were violated.  It will takes years for these women to move past this but hopefully they can move on and lead productive lives once again.


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Life's a Journey Not a Destination

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