Life's a Journey Not a Destination

Warren Pryor Poetry Analysis:

“Warren Pryor” by: Alden Nowlan                                                                                   Sydney

Speaker: The speaker of the poem is a family friend.

Point of View: I think the point of view of the story is third person because the author uses words such as he and him.

Subject: The subject is sypathetic

Tone: The tone of the poem is serious because the author wants you to believe that the boy has a bad life

Mood: The mood of the poem makes me feel sympathy. I feel bad for the guy in the poem.

What images are dominant? Why?

“They blushed with pride”(5) it shows respect and how his parents are proud of him.

“And he said nothing.”(13) it expresses how shy he is.

“When every pencil means sacrifice,”(1) this is dominant to me because it shows how the parents are sacrificing more. They probably had to work a lot for him to be able to receive education.

What is the theme?

The author wants me to believe that the poem is depressing. He wants the reader to feel upset.


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Life's a Journey Not a Destination

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