Life's a Journey Not a Destination



This is a free write.

The main character is a rugby player, he is alone. Why is the dad sick? What is he sick with? I have no clue what shaving represents. Shaving could represent stripping of all pain and worries. The theme of this short story could be everyday is a new beginning, don’t hold a grudge and forget all your worries. This short story is in third person. Barry seems to look up at his dad. I think Barry’s dad died. Barry took care of his dad by shaving his beard. This story did not end the way I thought it would; I thought it had to do with something different. Not his dad dying of cancer. Barry made the shaving perfect, he cleaned everything and had the water perfect temperature. He did this because it’s the only thing he can control.

Some messages were:

-Life is very vulnerable

-Family is important

-Realize what you have now, not when its gone.


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Bryn Patterson

Created for the School of Global Media Studies 2013-14 (Holy Rosary High School)


Life's a Journey Not a Destination

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