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Animal Testing Essay

                                                            Animal Testing
Animal abuse is a huge issue in the world and there are 3 types of animal abuse. Physical abuse, animal testing, and forcing animals to the death. Animal testing is the biggest issue out of the three because it is the most common.
Well known companies still do test their products on animals. There are many alternatives to animal testing. Animal abuse occurs all around the world and is something that should be taken seriously. Many pharmaceutical companies still test their products on animals today.

Multiple companies have tested products on animals, many which are known today.  Most companies that are known to animal testing are popular. Bath & Body Works, which used to be the most common known company with animal testing. Most companies still test their products on animals. Animal testing is extremely common. There are laws against it in certain ways, but animal testing is still happening in many companies. Hundreds of animals are killed per year due to animal testing. Companies that previously tested products on animals, still do today. Almost all of the companies are used everyday. The most popular ones will shock you.

Animal abuse is an important topic in our society. It is something that must be stopped. Animals are being used to test products daily. Most companies just care about their prophet and not what they are actually doing. Testing on animals harms, tortures, and traumatizes them. Companies that test on animals are Clean & Clear, Clairol, Air Wick, and Johnson & Johnson. There is a lot more that are used all the time. There are alternatives to protect animals, many countries don’t have any laws against it.

Animal abuse is something that is important and should be stopped. There are many types of animal abuse but the most common is animal testing, which happens on a daily basis. Animal testing is some people’s jobs and that’s understandable but that doesn’t mean that animals should be harmed when we don’t need animals to know whether or not a product is safe. Products that need to be tested on animals probably are harmful, why can’t a company make their products organic or reusable ingredients. That would make it a lot safer.
Animal abuse is a serious matter and should be taken under control. A lot of companies used to use animals for testing, and they may still do that. Companies that still test on animals are getting away with it. Laws need to be made that protect animals against testing and abuse it’s not okay. The lives of animals are just as important as any human life. If killing a human is a crime then animal cruelty should be as well.


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