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Photoshop 20

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Photography 20

-What did the first image ever look like? What was unique about the sun in this image?

The first image was black and white had buildings. The unique part was that the sun was on both sides of the building.



-When was the first image in North America recorded?

The first image was recorded in 1839, USA.


-How long was the exposure time?

The exposure time was 8 hours


-What does the word ‘exposure’ mean in this case?

Exposure means how long it took to take the picture.


-What does the word ‘sedate’ mean?

Sedate means putting them to sleep.


-What was used to ‘sedate’ people so they could sit for long exposures?

Neck braces and needles were used to keep them still for the long exposure pictures.


-What is a mobile dark room? What were they used for?

A mobile dark room is taken from place to place to take pictures of families.

-Who is credited with developing film and reducing exposure time? When was this?

1880’s George Eastman is credited with Kodak and reducing exposure time.


-When was the first hand held camera available?

First hand held camera was available in 1888.


-When was the first permanent colour image taken?

The first permanent colour image was taken in 1861.



-What came about in the 1920′s… Why was it safer?

This was the invention of the first flash bulb. First time you could take pictures in the dark. It was safer because it was made up of Magnesium and potassium chloride.

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