Life's a Journey Not a Destination

Revolution Questions!

on November 21, 2013
  1. Choose one word to describe your reaction to the film. (Record answers and determine which are the most common responses.)



 2.What image will stay with you? Why? Explain.

The image that will stay with me would have to be how many different species can live and survive on one coral.


 3.How would you describe this film to a friend who has not seen it?

I would start out by telling them that it was a great movie, and that it is mainly about how pollution is affecting everyone in the world.


 4.What do you think is the main message of the film? What techniques did the filmmaker use to convey the message? Do you think he achieved his goal?

The main message of the film is to get viewers to watch what they are doing, and how it affects our world. Also we need to stop pollution. The filmmakers physically go into the ocean and travel to the places where the pollution is happening. Yes, I think he achieved his goal.


 5.Were you surprised by anything in the film? Were there any points you disagreed with?

I was definitely surprised with how much pollution is going on in the world and how much it is really affecting us. It has a huge impact on our world. There wasn’t any points that I disagreed with in the film.



 6.Were all voices heard on the issues? Is any perspective


Most voices were heard on the issue. The workers perspective was missing on the topic though.


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Life's a Journey Not a Destination

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