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Photoshop 20

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Photography 20

-What did the first image ever look like? What was unique about the sun in this image?

The first image was black and white had buildings. The unique part was that the sun was on both sides of the building.



-When was the first image in North America recorded?

The first image was recorded in 1839, USA.


-How long was the exposure time?

The exposure time was 8 hours


-What does the word ‘exposure’ mean in this case?

Exposure means how long it took to take the picture.


-What does the word ‘sedate’ mean?

Sedate means putting them to sleep.


-What was used to ‘sedate’ people so they could sit for long exposures?

Neck braces and needles were used to keep them still for the long exposure pictures.


-What is a mobile dark room? What were they used for?

A mobile dark room is taken from place to place to take pictures of families.

-Who is credited with developing film and reducing exposure time? When was this?

1880’s George Eastman is credited with Kodak and reducing exposure time.


-When was the first hand held camera available?

First hand held camera was available in 1888.


-When was the first permanent colour image taken?

The first permanent colour image was taken in 1861.



-What came about in the 1920′s… Why was it safer?

This was the invention of the first flash bulb. First time you could take pictures in the dark. It was safer because it was made up of Magnesium and potassium chloride.

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Elf Yourself

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Revolution Questions!

  1. Choose one word to describe your reaction to the film. (Record answers and determine which are the most common responses.)



 2.What image will stay with you? Why? Explain.

The image that will stay with me would have to be how many different species can live and survive on one coral.


 3.How would you describe this film to a friend who has not seen it?

I would start out by telling them that it was a great movie, and that it is mainly about how pollution is affecting everyone in the world.


 4.What do you think is the main message of the film? What techniques did the filmmaker use to convey the message? Do you think he achieved his goal?

The main message of the film is to get viewers to watch what they are doing, and how it affects our world. Also we need to stop pollution. The filmmakers physically go into the ocean and travel to the places where the pollution is happening. Yes, I think he achieved his goal.


 5.Were you surprised by anything in the film? Were there any points you disagreed with?

I was definitely surprised with how much pollution is going on in the world and how much it is really affecting us. It has a huge impact on our world. There wasn’t any points that I disagreed with in the film.



 6.Were all voices heard on the issues? Is any perspective


Most voices were heard on the issue. The workers perspective was missing on the topic though.

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Social Studies 20 Questions:



1) Define; birth rate and find a statistic/example (2)

Birth rate is the amount of humans being born. Amount is going up. 10.28 births/1,000 population.

2) Define; death rate and find a statistic/example (2)

Death rate is the amount of people that are deceased. Amount is going down. 8.09 deaths/1,000 population.

3) Define; emigration and find a statistic/example (2)

Emigration is leaving where you live to live somewhere else.

240,00 – 265,00 emigrants to Canada.

4) Define; immigration and find a statistic/example (2)

Immigration is coming to live permanently in a foreign country. 280,681 immigrants to Canada.

5) Define; migration and find a POSITIVE example and a NEGATIVE example (4)

Migration is the movement from one part of something to another. A negative example is that some migrations are forced and not wanted. A positive example would be that someone is migrating for the better good of their life and it benefits them in many ways, such as a better job or better lifestyle.

6) I can list 10 pros in population growth. (5)


-New religions

-More help

-Product demand

-New religions

7) I can list 10 cons in population growth. (5)

-Food shortages

-Property shortages

-Less room

-Greater strain on resources

-More congestion

8) I can explain urbanization completely. (Be sure to touch on the decreasing ruralization; even though we need food and crops like never before. Why is farming growing when people are selling their farms and moving into cities.) (3)

Urbanization is the physical growth of urban areas with result in the decrease in rural areas. Urbanization basically means that people are migrating from farms and rural land and living in cities instead. Farming is growing when people are migrating to cities because the farmers that are still owning the land now can gain more land, also they will have to farm more often because there is less farmers.

9) I can explain the term; standard of living. (6)

Standard of living means how available that person is to goods, how wealthy they are. Basically referring to how rich they are. Standard also can be the quality of their life, how good their life is and if they meet the needs that they are supposed to meet.

10) I can explain what it means to be a First World country, Second World country, Third World Country.
(What do each of the terms mean and find a picture/map/graph to explain each.)

First world countries are the countries that were involved with the Cold War and are aligned with the United States. Second world countries refer to the industrial states, influenced by the Soviet Union. Third world countries are the poor and less fortunate countries, countries that need the most resources.

11) I can explain what the natalist paradigm is. (2)
12) What does it mean to be in harmony with the environment? Do you think we are living in harmony with the environment? Explain your response. (3)

To be in harmony with the environment basically means to be agree with everything that the environment upholds. Everything that the environment stands for. I don’t think that we are living in harmony with the environment. If we were living in harmony with the environment then we wouldn’t be changing everything natural about it.


13) How many people live on the planet?

7.046 billion

14) What are the 5 largest cities?

Shanghi, Tokyo, New York City, Beijing, Tokyo.

15) What continent has the worst poverty? Why? Explain in detail.

Africa has the worst poverty. Africa has a lack of basic human needs. If Arica had proper medical attention and resources that they need to live they wouldn’t have problems with their health. Lots of people die in Africa due to illnesses.

16) Should first world countries be force to support third world countries? Explain your response.

I don’t think that first world countries should literally be forced to support third world countries. In my opinion I think that they should just be fair enough to help them out. We aren’t in a fight we are living on the same planet. Everyone should just be that genuine to make sure that they have the resources. First world countries have so many resources that we could equally share them around the world and still have extra for themselves. Shouldn’t be forced its just common sense to share and support the third world countries.

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Photography 20


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